Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day!

I was a lucky kid!  My mom took me outside.  All the time.  And I loved it.

Those carefree days outside gave me something intangible but terrifically important—something that has stayed with me forty years now and still gives me happiness and peace of mind.  My mom gave me the gift of connectedness.  She gave me a sense of place.  She helped make the entire world my home.  How can you ever thank someone enough for a gift like that?!

I guess we can pass it on.  Pay it forward.  Keep giving the kids in our lives the gifts of nature.

Here’s to all the moms that are doing exactly that!  You are heroes!  Thank you!  Happy Mothers’ Day!

Check out this article by Richard Louv about the role his mother played in helping him developing a life-changing connection to nature:  Heres’ to the Moms.