Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Treasure Lakes – A Great Backpacking Trip for Kids

Treasure Lakes is an idyllic spot located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Bishop, California.  It is a short hike, approximately three miles from the trailhead to the first lake—which makes it a great location for parents looking for a fun backpacking experience with kids.  The hike in is mostly uphill and somewhat tough, but given that it is only three miles you can take your time and keep it enjoyable for the children you are hiking with.  And the lakes, once you reach them, are a playground for kids—shallow areas to wade, rock islands, and fish visible in the clear water.  Enjoy a cross-country day hike along a narrow stream to the upper lakes as well.

The Treasure Lakes area is located in the John Muir Wilderness of Inyo National Forest, and you will need to obtain a Wilderness Permit before you begin.  My family visited this area in late August.  The days were warm, but the early mornings and evenings were chilly, so bring plenty of warm layers.  And of course storms are always a possibility, so be prepared.

Trailhead and Directions:  This trip starts at the South Lake/Treasure Lakes Trailhead.  To get there, turn west on Line Street in Bishop then follow Hwy 168 and South Lake Road.  A paved parking lot for day hiking with some overnight parking spots is located past the boat ramp at the road’s end.  My family stayed in hiker cabins at Parcher’s Resort (very close to the trailhead) before and after our trip.

If you go, please drop me a comment and let me know!  Happy Trails!