Monday, August 18, 2014

Three Cheers for Summergrass!

My boys and I spent the past weekend at Summergrass, a fantastic bluegrass festival in Vista, California.  And the weekend got me thinking about the fact that there are a million different ways to help your kids get outside and get mud on their feet.  Right there on the festival grounds my boys sat in the shade of oak trees learning new songs, caught crawdads with newfound friends, and jammed beneath the stars with old-timers that took them under their wings.  They were outside the whole time, feeling free and getting dirty the way kids should!

I’ve attended several bluegrass festivals over the years, and I always come home feeling happy and thankful that these groups of people exist—people who camp together in large numbers and stay up until dawn picking banjos and singing in the moonlight.  It’s got to be good for the soul!  And of course we heard some great music!  There were too many great musicians to list them all here, but a couple highlights for me included the band Della Mae and the duo John Mailander and Molly Tuttle.  Check them out!

There are bluegrass festivals all over the place.  Search this Bluegrass Festival Guide to find one near you.  Take your kids.  Get mud on their feet!