Friday, June 27, 2014

Does Nature Make Us Happy?

I wanted to share a short excerpt from a great article in Psychology Today by MarilynPrice-Mitchell, Ph.D.

“In today’s age of high technology, research shows that our hunger for the natural world still endures.  In fact, our connections with nature could just be the best medicine for people of all ages—improving our health, happiness, and well-being.  Those same connections could also heal the planet.

Few would disagree that our natural and cognitive worlds have grown disconnected.  Most of us, particularly children, spend far less time in nature today than in recent decades.  There are no required classes in nature connectedness in our schools, nor is nature a well-utilized tool for teaching kids to critically think about the world around them.  New research, however, suggests our relationship with nature may be deeply linked to our happiness.”

To learn more about how our relationship with nature is linked to our happiness read the full article HERE.  And go outside.  Get mud on your feet!