Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here We Go

Your feet are made to get dirty.  Toes are meant for squeezing mud.  The world is here for us to walk on.  Thoughtfully.  Gently.

There are so many important things to do—things large and small.  So many adventures waiting to be had.  So lace up your boots (or take off your shoes), and let’s hit the trail.

Bring a child.  Hold her hand.  There are trees to climb.  There are streams to wade.  There are birds to watch.  We can stroll on sandy beaches and sit atop rugged mountains.  Together, we can learn and laugh and see new things.  We can be a part of this moment—every moment—and really live.

We’ll learn about people.  I’ll share some of my heroes, and I hope you’ll share yours. 

We’ll learn about places.  Wild places.  Places worth getting lost… and then found.

We’ll share adventures, hopefully lots of them.

Sometimes we’ll just share a smile.  Or take a moment to breathe.  Other times we might run like a thousand horses, our hair wild in the wind, our skin caked with dust.

Yes.  Your toes are meant to get dirty.  And I’m glad you’re coming with me.  Let’s get some mud on our feet!